HRA’s turnkey solution consistently identifies 1-3% of total managed care revenues

Using sophisticated technology and human expertise, we recover an average of 90% of all identified underpayments, from accounts that can be up to 24 months old.

Technology and Expertise
HRA uses a unique combination of proprietary software and experienced auditing analysts to maximize the number of accounts identified as having been underpaid as well as the recoverable amounts associated with those accounts. As an example, both facets of our process work to ensure that the payment provisions described in the applicable managed care contract are identified and supported. Even smaller underpayments are identified. All of our staff and systems are HIPAA-compliant, ensuring patient privacy and hospital confidentiality. We adhere to all federal regulations and guidelines applicable to the auditing process, giving regulatory compliance our highest priority.

We Find Underpayments by Contract

During our payment review and audit, we comprehensively study all “Zero Balance” Managed Care accounts. We specifically look for coding validations and coding errors.

a picture of a woman showing something to a man and infant there is an icon to represent that we find underpayments by contracts

We Find Underpayments by Error

HRA’s software platform can generate customized reports tailored to your facility’s needs, which is valuable to both current operations and future contracting.

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No Risk, All Reward

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No fees are charges unless we make a recovery
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A direct, positive impact on your bottom line
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See tangible results within 90 days
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Get an exceptional return on your investment
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Minimal impact to your staff and operations
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All HIPAA-compliant team, tech and services
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Low-impact, accretive consulting services
HRA is the leading company exclusively dedicated to recovering “zero balance” underpayments – and has been improving health system profitability for more than 20 years